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12 Apr 2013
Save time and money

Easy workflow with the new OCULUS Floating License Key
Save time and money:The new OCULUS Floating License Key simultaneously supports the OCULUS devices such as the Pentacam®, the Keratograph 5M and the visual field Perimeters in a local network.

The license key is used in a local computer network and is inserted in the USB port of the server. With the OCULUS Floating License Key, the basic software of the OCULUS devices can be used on up to 50 workstations simultaneously. Optional software can be used at any workstation in a local network according to the number of optional software purchased.

The OCULUS Floating License Key can be customized with the optional software modules and packages from all OCULUS devices. The examinations from the OCULUS devices can be viewed at every workstation within the local network, where the OCULUS Patient Data Management software is installed.

The OCULUS Floating Licence Key allows the easy access to examination results on any computer within the local network. This optimized viewing procedure enables improved patient consultation and increases the efficiency in a clinic.

Please contact your local distributor for more information.

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